One of the things that we look at in our visits to your property is the operation of your Air Conditioning System. An A/C system that isn’t functioning properly can cause catastrophic damage to an unattended property. Houses left with no A/C for extended periods will have major (and very expensive) mold issues.


Sometimes Air Conditioning issues are caused by very minor problems though. In this instance, the AC had stopped running because the drain (condensate) line had clogged causing the drain pan to fill up and trigger the condensate float valve – essentially an emergency shutoff valve intended to prevent an overflowing drain pan from causing additional damage. This problem is easily remedied by having a regular AC service where an AC Technician will clear the clogged drain line. Once the line is clear, the pan will drain, the float valve goes back down, and the AC system will resume normal operation.

This is just one of the many things we do when we watch after your home. All Seasons Home Watch is here for you! Rain or shine, we’re here giving you peace of mind!

Give us a call today and let’s talk about all the things we do to keep your investment safe while you’re away.

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